A special friendship!

Since 1988, an uncomplicated exchange has developed between the archers from Roye and those from Wedemark. Over the years, mutual tournaments have become a mutual dialogue between friends. The tournaments always have their own special charm - usually "mixed" teams have to face clever tasks - and self-made trophies add to the amusement. It should also be mentioned that the regular, reciprocal visits have led to a large number of contacts between the athletes and their families. Christmas cards and greeting cards ensure that the respective groups stay in touch. 

Particularly noteworthy is the adoption of the Roye club emblem in the logo of the archery section: the little Indian ("Le petit Indien"). In addition, it has become a tradition to present a "flag of friendship" with exactly this Indian to each other during visits. If in the country, this is carried in front of the archers at the shooting festival. Since the visit weekends are always supplemented with diverse cultural elements, a broad understanding of the respective cultural and historical backgrounds has developed both in Roye and in Wedemark. Think of the visit to Amiens Cathedral, the floating gardens, the archaeological site of Samara, Hanover's old town, the Expo and much more. Currently, it has been agreed that the visits will take place every two years.