The Corona pandemic has removed many taken-for-granted aspects of social life. The various lockdowns have made meetings - both national and international - impossible. This raised the question for us: How can you stay in touch or make new contacts if you can't meet?

The answer is: pen pals!

International pen pals in particular offer many opportunities. On the one hand, you can exchange ideas with like-minded people from our twin cities and, on the other hand, get to know their culture and way of life. A great bonus is that you also improve your foreign language skills without realising it. And of course it doesn't necessarily have to be a letter. An email can also brighten up your day and put a smile on your face. And who knows, maybe one day there will be the opportunity to meet your writing partner in person. Such a meeting can take place either privately or as part of a committee meeting.

The beauty of pen pals is also that everyone can join in. Because you don't necessarily have to know how to write to send a letter. This is demonstrated by our youngest children, who exchange pictures with their kindergartens. This kindergarten exchange has now been running since December 2021 and not only inspires the little ones, but also the big ones.

The IGS Wedemark has also set up a letter exchange. As part of a school project, the pupils of the Year 6 French courses exchange letters with their peers from the German courses at the Collège in Roye. In the long term, the teachers are aiming for the two groups to meet.

The French classes of the grammar school would also be happy about a school-accompanied letter exchange. Unfortunately, there is no grammar school in our twin town Roye, which means that such a school-based exchange cannot take place. However, interested young people can contact us and we will do our best to find a suitable writing partner.

As there is no permanent partnership with Gislaved at the moment, we can only arrange pen pals with Roye. However, we hope to be able to enter into a firm partnership with Gislaved soon and then also include them in this project.

Would you like to start a pen pal relationship and would you like us to find a suitable partner for you? Then look here to see what information we need from you!