The small town of Gislaved is located in the historical region of Småland in southern Sweden. Småland is further divided into smaller provinces, the so-called läns. Gislaved is located in the province of Jönköpings län and is also the capital of the municipality of Gislaved. The municipality has about 29,700 inhabitants, of which about 11,000 live in the town. There are also many companies located in Gislaved municipality. Everything from the metal industry to water treatment and tourism is represented. Plastic processing is also closely linked to Gislaved. Here you will find companies that were among the pioneers in the industry in the 1940s.

Due to the municipality's location, agriculture also plays a major role in Gislaved. For although Gislaved is only about 70 km southwest of the city of Jönköping, you don't notice it in the municipality. Cattle herds and fields merge into forest and wilderness. The municipality's 8 nature reserves also exude a touch of wilderness. You can explore nature and enjoy the landscapes on 100 km of cycling and hiking trails. The municipality's 388 lakes invite you to swim, fish and canoe. In winter, Gislaved and the municipality are transformed into a magnificent ski area with beautiful snow-covered slopes.

Gislaved has about 300 clubs, of which about 90 have a youth section (as of 2014). In addition to many sporting activities, there are also cultural activities such as dance, theatre and music. Music plays an important role in Gislaved through the local music school and various clubs, such as the Kammachör Gislaved. The municipality of Gislaved also has a rich cultural history. Old mills, ruins or historical buildings can be seen in many places. Another highlight is the Gislaved Industrial Museum. Industrial developments of the 19th and 20th centuries are exhibited there.

In 2014, the mayors of the municipality of Gislaved and the municipality of Wedemark signed a "Letter of Intent" for a partnership. The aim was to get to know and understand the different ways of working, but also the different cultures, through an exchange in the areas of business, tourism and care for the elderly. Various projects between German and Swedish associations, institutions, schools and fire brigades were also to contribute to a common cultural exchange.

Unfortunately, this letter of intent expired in 2020, which means that there is no permanent partnership. However, we would be very pleased to be able to further strengthen and expand the bonds already established through a firm partnership!