About us

Thank you for your interest in the twinning activities of the municipality of Wedemark and the work of our twinning committee. We are very pleased about that!

The idea of twinning was born after the Second World War to heal the wounds between European countries. Thousands have since come together within, but also outside the European Union and maintain international friendships. Through their numerous actions and projects, they fill our togetherness with life and ensure better understanding between the different cultures.

As a town twinning committee, we are the link between the twin towns and have been since 1984, when the twinning with the French City of Roye began. Since then, we have experienced a lot together and have been able to carry out many great projects and exchanges. We are very proud of that! Since 2014, the municipality of Wedemark has also had a partnership with the southern Swedish city of municipality of Gislaved. This partnership is still in its infancy and we are excited to see how it will develop. We look forward to an active and friendly cooperation in the coming years.

But how do we create this active and friendly togetherness? We organise international meetings and exchanges, promote them and develop them further. We also help to establish contacts in a wide variety of areas. To this end, we offer, for example, close networking with culture, youth, sport, business and various associations and institutions. We ensure transparent public relations, develop cultural events and facilitate leisure activities. In doing so, we are supported by the Community of Wedemark unterstützt.

And you can support us too. When our friends from the twin towns come to visit, they are usually accommodated in host families. And when we go to Roye, it's the same. This helps to keep the costs of the trip relatively low. But much more important is that it offers a really authentic impression into the daily life of the host family and into another culture. Of course, we also want to make these impressions possible for our international friends.

Of course, you don't have to become a host family to join us. With friendly togetherness, we want to offer all Wedemarkers - young and old alike - the opportunity to get to know our twin towns and build friendships with their inhabitants. And all this in an uncomplicated and personal way. With us, you will have the opportunity to discover other places and cultures and meet new people. Of course, you can also brush up and improve your foreign language skills. But don't worry, a volunteer interpreter is always on hand to help.

We are also planning to build another partnership. Maybe you have ideas or suggestions for us!

We hope that we have aroused your curiosity. So if you want to help us fill the international space with friendship and cohesion, you are always welcome!