Singing Festival

Making music together with others is a wonderful feeling. Because music connects. Through music, borders between people and cultures can be dissolved and an exchange made possible. We wanted to experience this kind of togetherness with our twin towns, and what better way than music?

At the end of August 2019, the idea of a joint musical project was born. After some discussions, it was clear that it would be an exchange between different choirs. A name was also quickly found: Singers' Festival. The festival was planned for Ascension Day 2021, but unfortunately the Corona pandemic came and threw a spanner in the works. Unfortunately, the festival had to be postponed for a year. But we didn't let that discourage us and continued to work on our project.

Initially, the choir "Roye de Choeur" and two choirs from Wedemark were to take part. In the course of the preparatory discussions, however, the idea came up to invite all choirs from Wedemark. Many of them accepted. The French singers of the choir "Roye de Choeur" are still part of the group. But of course our friends from Gislaved are not left out. The "Kammarchör Gislaved" is also cordially invited.

But also this year, unfortunately, the singing festival cannot really take place. Due to the pandemic and the resulting restrictions on rehearsals, the "Roye de Choeur" has lost some members. As a result, it is not possible for them to participate in the Singing Festival at the moment. Perhaps a meeting can still take place on a smaller scale. Sabine Kleinau-Michaelis has invited the "Kammarchör Gislaved" to a choir meeting with the choir St. Martini Brelingen. This meeting is to take place at Whitsun 2022 at "Culture in the Village" in Brelingen. We hope that this will work out so that we can at least make some music with our friends.

The Singers' Festival will of course still take place in its original form with the choirs of Wedemark, the choir "Roye de Choeur" and the "Kammarchör Gislaved". We all hope that next year it will finally work out!

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